About Stig's Dumpster Rentals LLC

Stig's Dumpster Rentals LLC is a locally owned and operated small business servicing Traverse City and surrounding areas. Our bussiness was formed in May of 2023. We take pride in serving our local community for any and all dumpster rental needs. We are driven by customer satisfaction, communication, and saving customers money.

We are proud to say we are to first and only dumpster rental company in northwest lower Michigan that has developed a pricing model that is structured to help customers SAVE MONEY. Our saying at Stig's Dumpster Rentals is "Only pay for what you throw away." For the last 30 years dumpster rental companys have charged a high one flat rate. More times than not, customers don't end up filling the dumpster up all the way. When that's the case, that's more money in their pockets and less in yours.

Here at Stig's Dumpster Rentals we charge a much lower up front charge and then charge a smaller fee per cubic yard of trash they throw away. If you or someone you know that's handy with a saw or hammer to break items down or have some tetris skills, you could potential save some BIG BUCKS. So, stop paying high flat rates and "Only pay for what you throw away!"

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