Frequently Asked Questions

Q.I just booked my rental, what can I expect next?
A.After you have booked your rental we will be notified and we will give you a call shortly after. We will arrange a drop off time and we will be able to answer and last minute questions!
Q.Can I book a same day rental?
A.At the moment you can not currently book same day rentals online. But, if you give us a call or text we may be able to help you out! 231-313-3957
Q.What items can I NOT put in the dumpster?
A.Some of the non-accepted items include but are not limited to: Batteries, Organic Waste (Leaves, Branches, Grass Clippings, Ect.), Any Liquids of Any Kind, No EXCESSIVE Amounts of Concrete or Shingles, No Refrigerant Filled Appliances, NO Hazardous Waste, Ect.
Q.Why do I have to pay with a card? Can I pay with cash?
A.To rent a dumpster from us a card needs to be on file incase we need to charge for and fees such as damage to the dumpster, dry runs, over weight, over filled, ect. Customer can pay with cash on delivery day but a card is still required to be on file.
Q.Why is there a fee per day after 3 days of rental time?
A.Currently, due to low inventory of dumpsters, we are only offering 3 included days for a standard rental to make it worth while. The fee is $50 per day after the included 3 days. The number of included days may increase as dumpster inventory increases.
Q.Why is there a trip fee on my order at check out?
A.At the moment, we include 15 one way miles in out base rental price. There is a $4 per mile fee after 15 miles. E.G. If you live 20 miles from out base of operation (close to downtown Traverse City) you will be charged for 5 miles adding $20 at check out. This also may change as dumpster inventory increases.
Q.Why do we using trailers as dumpster rather than metal bins?
A.Perks of using trailer dumpsters: Unlike the usual heavy metal dumpsters that can potentially crack and damage your driveway our trailer "dumpster" are on wheels so you can be worry free. Typical metal dumpsters have high sides that can make loading heavy trash items difficult. Our trash trailers have a 4 foot back gate that can be lowered as a ramp for easy loading. Finally, with our dumpster's being on wheels to makes it easier for us to get your dumpster EXACTLY where you want it!
Q.Why is there a wooden pallet and chain in my newly delivered dumpster?
A.We use the wooden pallet and chain as a pull off system at the dump making unloading a breeze. We ask that you please leave the chain and the pallet how they are when they arrived. Please throw all your trash on top of the chain running along the bottom of the dumpster and ensure the end of the chain is visible after closing the gate.
Q.Why are dumpster rentals significantly cheaper in other parts of Michigan?
A.Unfortunately the only 2 dumps near Traverse City charge by the CUBIC YARD rather than PER TON of weight. So, because of the expensive dump fees we have to charge more for rentals than most others in the state.
Q.Can I get more than one dumpster or get more than one load?
A.Yes! In this case, rather than booking online, we ask that you call so we can book this for you manually and get all the details!
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (231) 313-3957

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